House of Blogs Are Stupid

The Front Door

The house is a nearly centennial Colonial, with faux brick shingles on the first floor, and wood siding on the second.

A plaque on the door has a logo and several mottos, since we couldn't agree on just one.


Simple is the New Lazy
Blogi Bardi Sunt
With Words We Must


A poster to the left of the door says thusly:

No advertising
No plug-ins
No pop-ups
No add-ins
No scripts
No social networking
No server-side stuff
No external links
No cookies
No dancing bears
No not nothing

A plate on the right lists the tenants:

JC Strider
Emmitt Necasty
Shi Lin
Grains Wentworth
Phillip Wentworth III
Wilhelm Dirgeht

You may open the door and enter the foyer.

If you want to email the house follow these instructions.