House of Blogs Are Stupid

The Foyer

Here we are in out new digs here at chez BAS, the BlogsAreStupid domain: not in the fanciest neighborhood, mind you, yet not huddled in a dreary shantytown.

This little rag-tag salon is our keep, allowing us to interface (we refer to it as "in-your-face" per our shadow dictionary) to the 'Net we rate so cheaply.

Our landlord (the "Master of Our Domain") cleared out all the old stuff, re-painted the background this dingy white, and warned us to keep the noise down on weekends.

No one is in charge; we've all been discharged.

The writer of this note of introduction is I, Joshua Charles Wyndham Strider, aka Discwriter Josh, or just JC Strider.

My 'mates here are Emmitt Necasty, Shi Lin, and the Wentworth brothers, Grains and Philip.

We all share a distaste for self-promotion, but we've made a pact, rooted in Emmitt's theory of unremarketing.

We stand, under this banner, absent understanding.

There is a door on the left leading to the drawing room.